Editorial - Bell, 2000
Table of Contents - 100

Short articles

Co-operatives in the twenty first century 

Johnston Birchall, pp 217-227

Transcript of keynote speach given at the International Co-operators' Day in Japan on 6 July 2000.

Birchall, 2000

Peer reviewed articles

Modified SWOT as a tool for formulating strategies of rural people business organisations in Northeast Thailand 

Nuntiya Hutanuwatr and Yap Kioe Sheng, pp. 228-24

The SWOT process - a systematic strategy formulation procedure which is generally employed by business organisations - was modified and introduced for formulating the strategies of Thai Rural People Business Organisations (RPBOs) which belong to farmers who are poor, having primary education, and being in a disadvantaged position. This study, through an action research approach, demonstrated that at least three Thai RPBOs were able to successfully use the SWOT process (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) as a tool for formulating their strategies with certain limitations, conditions, and techniques. Leaders of all the RPBOs, based mainly on their own initiative and decision making, were able to pursue the whole process of the SWOT actively and consistently. This study also has found that the SWOT process is a potential fool for formulating strategies of Thai RPBOs.

Hutanuwatr and Sheng, 2000

Creating a labour movement film service: The Co-operative Movement and the Workers’ Film Association in the 1930s 

Alan Burton, pp. 247-266

While historians have acknowledged the contribution of co-operators to the formation of the Wokers' Film Assocation, certain fundamental problems and tensions between different co-operative constituencies have remained unexamined, and which are crucial for understanding the actual form the organisation eventually assumed, and how it developed as the labour movement's film service into the war years and beyond. This paper offers a detailed examination of that conflict between educational and promotional imperatives which lay behind the formation of the democratic labour movement's first film service.

Burton, 2000

Book Reviews

People before profit. By Gary Lewis 

Race Matthews, pp. 267-271 

Managing the co-operative difference. By Peter Davis 

Gregor McDonagh, pp. 272-274

Matthews, 2000
McDonagh, 2000

Co-operative Congress Society for Co-operative Studies Fringe Meeting 2000

Co-operative versus PLC: Marketing our co-operative advantage 

Alan Gill, pp. 275-279

Transcript of presentation.

Gill, 2000

Annual Conference 2000: Reasserting the co-op advantage 

Consumer co-operatives 

Nick Eyre, pp/ 280-286 

Co-operative leadership and the future workshop 

Edgar Parnell, pp. 287-288

Eyre, 2000
Parnell, 2000
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