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Journal of Co-operative Studies, 32(2), No. 96

Editorial, pp. 85-86

This issue of the Journal starts with an overview of the Statement of Co-operative Identity, four years since the International Co-operative alliance ratified a new set of co-operative values and principles. Also included, an exploration of the potential of the internet for co-operatives; an analysis of new mutualism, the Labour gobernment's agenda, and the Co-operative Party, a research report on agricultural co-operative trading; and an overview of the hisotry of co-operative education in Britain.

Short Articles

Co-operative Legislation and the Co-operative Identity Statement
Bruce Thordarson, pp. 87-93

E-Commerce: its Potential for Co-operatives
-Malcolm Corbett, pp.94-103

Promoting the Co-operative Agenda - New Mutualism and the ‘Third Way’
-Peter Hunt, pp. 104-107

Longer Articles

Equality Among Unequals: on Distributive Justice in Agricultural Producer Co-operatives
Svein Ole Borgen,pp. 108

Pleasure, Politics and Co-operative Youth: The Interwar Co-operative Comrades’ Circles
Selina Todd, pp. 129-145

Responses to Published Articles

Corrections to Alan Judd’s article Why did Co-operative Societies in Britain Use Tokens? (Vol 32 No 1), pp. 146

Book Reviews

The International Co-operative Movement. By Johnston Birchall
Peter Davis, pp.147-160

Annual Report

The Society for Co-operative Studies 1998-99, pp. 161-172

Journal of Co-operative Studies, 32(2) - PDF
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