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Journal of Co-operative Studies, 32(3), No. 97


This issue feature the first of a series of articles on the Japanese co-operative movement. In addition, the issue features an interpretation of the work of Margarat Llewelyn Davies; an article on co-operative relationships in conventional firms; ethical policies of the UK Co-operative Bank; and a new feature on 'responses to published articles'.

Short papers

Gender isues in co-operatives
Anne-Brit Nippierd, pp 175-181

Women’s work, men’s work: To live a better life beyond gender 
Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union, pp. 182-196

Refereed Articles

Modern Mutualism and the Historic Friendly Societies 
David Green, pp. 197-207

The Future of Consumer Co-operatives in Post-Industrial Societies 
Victor Pestoff, pp. 208-219

Germany’s Alien Mutuals - Some Stylised Facts on the Merger Wave of East German Co-operative Banks
Marija D Mayer and Dirk Schiereck, pp. 220-230

Book reviews

An Arsenal for Labour. By Rita Rhodes
Peter Davis, pp. 231-233

Co-operative Party pamphlets in the ‘New Mutualism’ series                
Johnston Birchall. pp. 234-242

Proceedings of the UK Society for Co-operative Studies Annual Conference, September 1999

Putting Principles into Practice 
Graham Melmoth, pp. 243-252

Report by the Secretary, pp. 253-257

Journal of Co-operative Studies, 32(3). No. 97 - PDF
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