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Published online:October 2023

The evolution of corporate management practices as employed in conflicts between labour unions and co-operatives.

Curtis StofferahnORCID and Aaron LeyORCID

Vol 55 No 2, pp. 7-19


How to cite this article:Stofferahn, C. & Ley, A. (2022). The evolution of corporate management practices as employed in conflicts between labour unions and co-operatives. Journal of Cooperative Studies, 55(2), 7-19. https://


Labour conflicts erupting between co-operative organisations and unions continue to defy our theoretical expectations. We ask, why did an agricultural co-operative, which had enjoyed a relatively harmonious relationship with its labour union, adopt corporate labour management practices that led to a 22 month-long lockout? We use a case study of the lockout to examine the conflict through a neoinstitutional organisation theory framework where we conclude that noncongruent isometric pressures allowed the co-operative to conform to corporate management practices.



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