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Rose, B. (2019). Guidelines on Member Participation and the Research Needed. Journal of Co-operative Studies, 52(3), pp. 30-33. (Originally published in 1970).

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This and the previous article focus on aspects that continue to exercise researchers and co-operators internationally. They appeared in the Society for Co-operative Studies Bulletin in 1968 and 1970 and focus on local and general retail societies. 
The ‘Active Co-operator’ reports on research undertaken in Staffordshire, UK and looks at the reasons why individuals join a retail co-operative and their engagement with co-operative philosophy and principles. The active co-operators referred to are “committee members, directors, delegates to regional and national bodies, and the leading enthusiasts of the auxiliaries” seen as key components of co-operative democracy. The second paper, “Guidelines of member participation” — brings in a wider consumer focus. Both are of their time but with contemporary resonance. 

Keywords: co-operation; member participation; co-operative societies

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