Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 54 No 3 (No 163 Supplement) Late Winter 2021

Constructing the co-operative imaginary: Journalism’s past, present, and emerging contributions

To mark the 150th anniversary of Co-op News, this special issue focuses specifically on co-operative journalism and co-operatives in the media. It celebrates co-operative journalism's contribution to the co-operative movement, points to the general invisibility of co-operatives in mainstream media, and considers media co-operatives as an avenue to respond to and recover an ailing news sector.  As such we include this special issue (a supplement to No. 163) as an addition to our usual three journal output per year.

Guest Editorial

Mitch Diamantopoulos, Alex Bird, and Andrew Bibby with Siôn Whellens and Rebecca Harvey

Movement journalism and early co-operation: Entwined histories

Holyoake’s Ghost: Remembering press activism’s role in the invention, cultural empowerment, and social mobilisation of Britain’s co-operative movement, 1821-1871 

Mitch Diamantopoulos, pp. 7-19.

Speaking for co-operation: The rise of the co-operative press 

Anthony Webster, pp. 20-27.

Building the co-operative commonwealth in Sheffield: The Sheffield Co-operator and “co-opolitics”, 1922-1939

Christopher A. Olewicz, pp. 28-38.

Establishment media coverage: A story of neglect and bias

Hidden in plain sight: How UK national newspapers report on co-operatives 

Anita Mangan, pp. 39-50.

Colluding to conceal the co-operative difference? A discourse analytical study of Finnish S Group’s nationwide price-drop campaign 

Anu Puusa and Sanna Saastamoinen, pp. 51-62.

Co-operative news innovations: Comparing contemporary exemplars

Comparing media-based co-operatives: What is the appeal of co-operative organisations for independent journalists? 

Anca Voinea, pp. 63-71.

Co-operative journalism: A Greek case 

Michael Fefes, pp. 72-81.

Co-operative conversation in the newspaper industry: Navigating between the reefs towards success 

Étienne Fouquet, Myriam Michaud, Luc K. Audebrand and Claude-André Guillotte , pp. 82-91.

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